Our Community Hunger Center Fundraising Effort Promoted by the Twinsburg Tribune

We do our best to be a part of of the community.  The November 2017 edition of the Twinsburg Tribune recognizes those efforts and invites everyone to come to the fundraiser.  You can come too on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 10:30am to 5pm.  If you can, please bring canned goods for Our Community Hunger Center.  We will take them there after the event.

3rd Annual Holiday Open House

Third Annual Holiday Open House, Fashion Show and Silent Auction will be Saturday, November 18, 2017. All proceeds from The Silent Auction benefit Our Community Hunger Center. Details to follow.

If you are a business that would like to participate please let us know!!

Last year, over 40 local merchants participated by donating a variety of items and gift cards.

Silent Auction raffle tickets will be on sale starting November 10th.  

Source: http://www.ochc-food.org/index.html

Who says you need to spend a lot to look like a million bucks!

With all of the available options out there to buy quality clothing, there is no reason to pay top dollar anymore! You can shop department stores, outlets, websites, consignment shops and much much more. I find that simple and elegant always looks best and can be achieved without breaking the bank! Take the dresses in the picture below for example, these are classic styles that flatter most women's figures, and when you buy them at Twila's Treasures they flatter everyone's wallets! They are regal and elegant and reminiscent of Kate Middleton's personal style!  (By the way who wouldn't want to mimic Kate's look?) Each of these dresses are under $30 and are just a small sample of the many beautiful fashions you will find at Twila's Treasures!  

2016 Twins Day / Tax Free Weekend!

Friday & Saturday, August 5th & 6th we will have a huge sale at Twila's! All clothing and shoes will be tax free, and the entire store will be an additional 10% off!  So that means all the summer clothing items that are already marked down from 20% to 50% off will be an additional 10% off plus tax free! So if a pair of miss me jeans, that are marked down started at $19.99 and have a 30% off sticker on the tag, by the time all the discounts are in the system that same pair will cost you only $12.50! That's a 95% savings over the retail cost! (Please keep in mind the tax free part of the sale is government mandated so it is only valid on clothing and shoes)

Finding Trends in Your Own Closet

Trends are constantly changing and coming and going in the fashion industry. Sometimes it is hard to keep up; especially with the amount of money you could spend trying to buy items that fit into the latest trend. People always think they need to go out and buy what is in the store today, but you never think about looking in your closet to see what you have that could easily fit into a trend.

One of the biggest trends seen this year was bringing back the nineties style. This style included lots of denim, floral, plaid, and a grunge look to clothes with ripped jeans and band t-shirts. Whether you are a teenager or a mother, there are pieces for everyone that can help you fit into the current trends in the fashion world. Plaid is such a versatile look. It is so easy to dress up or just throw on casually. Everyone should invest in at least one plaid shirt because it always comes back. I always love a plaid shirt with ripped jeans. It might sound simple, but the look is such an easy way to get that nineties trend effect. If you’re feeling extra trendy, you can add a graphic t-shirt. Pairing this outfit with a simple tennis shoe is perfect for running errands or a day out, but then can easily look great with a solid color pair of booties or heels to dress it up. Women might think ripped jeans are too young for them or that they can’t pull them off, which is completely wrong. Ripped jeans do not need to be excessive to look fashionable. Actually, jeans with just a small slit rip on the knee are the go-to jean for many celebrities and stylists. Sometimes simple is better.

Floral, floral, and more floral. Floral was such a popular pattern in the nineties and now is coming back. Even if you aren’t a floral lover, wearing neutral tones such as army green, maroon, tan, brown, and black would help you fit right into today’s nineties trend. Some people do not like patterns or do not like to wear too much of it. I recommend adding one piece with a floral pattern to make sure it is not overwhelming. A floral dress or maxi skirt is a perfect way to show off your nineties style while adding a simple long necklace and a solid colored top. If you’re looking for something simpler, a flowered pattern top with ripped jeans or denim short would be a great way to add in a nineties feel.

One last look that most people do not think of is a silk or slip-looking dress. Believe it or not, I am sure most women have a slip in their closet right now, but would never think about wearing it in public. Well, here is your chance. I am sure women will be hesitant about it, but adding the right things can make you feel more comfortable.  Since most slip straps are very thin, I would add an oversize denim jacket over it to add some coverage as well as a casual, trendy vibe. If your slip is too short, you could add a black belt with a bigger clasp and some dark or black ripped jeans to finish off the look.

Lastly, accessories. Keep it simple. Long necklaces always add that extra spice needed for an outfit, but do not add too much. A simple, long necklace with a charm would be perfect for any outfit and can be used with almost every outfit you put together. To keep your nineties looks modern; add a strappy heel or wedge and even a cross body purse to finish off your looks.

Nineties style is so fun and can be used in so many different ways. Do not be afraid to take chances and try something new that is what fashion is all about! Check out our pictures from our store and some ideas we found online to help you with your nineties style!

Add a pop to any look!

Most of the time just wearing a top and bottom or even just a dress isn't enough. You always want to add more detail and accessories to every look. Accessories can take a look from ordinary to extraordinary. Necklaces in particular draw attention to the outfit and help bring out the best parts of a garment. I feel as if necklaces are the focal point of an outfit and the bracelets, earrings, and rings help support the overall look. Here are some pictures of how necklaces help add to an outfit and how you can easily do it with what is in your own closet!



Twila's Treasures New Tip blog!

At Twila's Treasures we know what its like to try and keep up with current trends both for your home and wardrobe. Therefore once a week we will be adding some info here on our Twila's Tip page to let you know how to stretch those pennies but still look like a million bucks!